How to apply perfume

The Golden Rules to Applying Perfume

Don’t you just love it when throughout the day, you get those slight occasional whiffs of your favourite perfume? Your day gets even better when someone compliments the fragrance you are wearingHowever, for either of these situations to happen, it’s essential for you to know how to apply your perfume, because the way you apply your fragrance will have a significant impact on how long the scent will last. 

So, how should you apply your fragrance for optimal wearability? Here’s a look at some of the best ways to use your bottle of fragrance! 

Avoid Rigorous Rubbing

  • Vigorously rubbing causes the top notes of the carefully crafted fragrance to evaporate before they settle on your skin.
  • Friction and subsequent heat caused by rubbing the fragrance into the skin also changes the liquid’s composition and scent. 
  • Avoid rubbing the perfume when you wear it, so you can enjoy the fragrance how it was originally meant to be, to the max!

Apply Directly to Your Skin

  • Your skin is actually the intended muse for fragrance producers!
  • The unique notes and oils in your skin work harmoniously with those in perfumes, to elicit beautiful aromas. 
  • For best results, always apply directly to your skin. 
  • However, if you find yourself in a very hot climate, then it's recommended not to apply perfume directly to your skin because when you sweat, the natural oils of your skin can destroy the fragrance at a faster rate. 

Pulse Points Please! 

  • Pulse points are the five places where your veins sit closest to the skin’s surface.
  • The pulse pointsare in the following areas: the inside your wrists, inside your elbows, behind the knees, chest, and behind your earlobes. 
  • The science behind applying fragrances to your pulse points is that, in addition to those veins residing closest to your skin’s surface, your pumping blood creates warmth in those spots that aren’t possible in other areas. 
  • These warm spots maximize your fragrance’s longevity and strength. 
  • With a little trial and error, you may find that you prefer certain pulse points over others.

Prep Your Skin

  • Fragrances don’t adhere well to dry skin. 
  • One interesting pro tip involves prepping your skin with a petroleum-based ointment such as Vaseline or Aquaphor.   
  • By applying a small amount of ointment to your pulse points and then spritzing the prepped skin, your fragrance will last unwaveringly long throughout the day.  

Avoid Spraying Your Hair 

  • Fragrances are typically alcohol-based which is a drying agent; hair loves moisture so spraying a fragrance directly to your hair can be damaging.  
  • Consider spritzing your hairbrush with the fragrance, allow the ethyl to evaporate for a few seconds, then run the brush through your dry hair. 
  • Doing so, will allow your hair to absorb the scent without taking on the damaging/drying alcohol.

Layer Scents

  • If you enjoy experimenting with beauty products, specifically new scents, you might enjoy blending or layering your scents. 
  • One way to layer your fragrances is by pairing your favourite sprays with scented lotionsmoisturizers, and other light fragrances.  
  • When layering your scents, be sure to consider all the scented consumables you use daily. 
  • Deodorants, face lotions, hair products, laundry detergents, and so on, are all items that may interfere with your desired aroma 

Spritz Your Clothing

  • All clothing fibers are porous to some degree. This not only means that your clothing will absorb your fragrance well but will, in fact, retain scents for quite some time even well beyond washes.

  • However, avoid spritzing on silk related fabrics, as they can get stained easily by the perfume oils.  

We've undoubtedly all had the pleasure of buying a fantastic new perfume, spraying it on enthusiastically, only to have it fade away. The disappointment is unreal. However, now by following these easy tips and tricks, you should be able to apply and wear your perfume like a pro, while at the same time, fully enjoy the longevity and power your fragrance holds!