This International Shipping Liability Disclaimer ("Disclaimer") governs the terms and conditions under which Dua Parfums ("Dua Parfums," "we," "us," or "our") provides worldwide shipping services to customers. By utilizing our international shipping services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Disclaimer. Please read this Disclaimer carefully before making any international purchases.

1. Shipping Liability:

Dua Parfums is pleased to offer international shipping services; however, it is important to understand that all international shipments are undertaken at the sole liability of the buyer. While we take appropriate measures to ensure the safe delivery of your package, certain variables and circumstances beyond our control may impact the shipping process.

2. Delays, VAT, and Customs Expenses:

Dua Parfums is not liable for any delays, Value Added Tax (VAT), or other taxes or expenses imposed by customs or relevant authorities in the destination country. We make efforts to facilitate the proper declaration of shipments to minimize such occurrences, but we cannot be held accountable for factors beyond our control.

3. Rejected or Abandoned Packages:

In cases where packages are rejected or abandoned by the buyer at customs, Dua Parfums cannot issue refunds for such shipments. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of their country's customs regulations, VAT, and tax rules before making a purchase from our website.

4. Delivery Coverage and Surcharges:

Dua Parfums strives to offer extensive delivery coverage worldwide, surpassing that of other companies. However, in certain cases, a delivery surcharge may apply to specific geographic areas. For example, "ODA" (Out of Delivery Area) surcharge may apply to FedEx shipments, and "RAS" (Remote Area Surcharge) may apply to DHL shipments. These surcharges are incurred when the package's destination falls outside the standard delivery area of these carriers, often affecting remote or rural areas where special transportation arrangements are necessary.

5. Invoicing for Surcharges:

Should a delivery surcharge be applicable to your shipment, Dua Parfums will invoice international buyers accordingly. The charge will be applied during the shipping process of the order. This charge is distinct from the regular shipping cost and is specifically associated with the unique circumstances of the delivery location.

6. Individual Variation of Surcharges:

The application of delivery surcharges, such as "ODA" or "RAS," depends on the specific geographic area within a country. Not all shipments will be subject to these surcharges, and they will be assessed based on the delivery location and carrier policies.

7. Acknowledgment and Agreement:

By utilizing our international shipping services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms outlined in this Disclaimer. You understand that Dua Parfums does its best to provide accurate information and efficient shipping services but cannot be held responsible for factors beyond its control.

8. Contact Information:

For any inquiries, concerns, or questions regarding this Disclaimer or our international shipping services, please contact us at

Last updated: 08/15/2023