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Dua Parfums is an independent niche fragrance house located in Los Angeles, United States. We provide handcrafted parfum extract fragrances using natural oils that last on your skin several times longer than many of the favorites in the fragrance world! Dua Fragrances parfum extracts are truly for both, the fragrance connoisseur, who values quality above all things, and the everyday person, that wants to be sure they are the best smelling individual in the room.

All fragrances, before release, go through rigorous QC & stability tests under the supervision of Mahsam Raza. In addition to this, our raw ingredients are procured through the absolute best manufacturers such as IFF, Firmenich, Givaudan, & Robertet; to name a few. The natural ingredients that Dua Fragrances extracts are comprised of are harvested and procured from around the world, then processed and concocted in Europe under the careful supervision of IFRA certified chemists before they are transported to the United States where they are skillfully mixed and handcrafted by Mahsam Raza.


The Dua Brand as a company started in 2016 with a simple vision of trying to bring super expensive and niche fragrances to the masses by imitating and replicating them. Our objective was to create near inspirations of classic scents with a bit of twist based on 1 to 1 ingredients matches. This was the idea that the company started within 2016, and it’s been our vision ever since. As we grow and learn the art of perfumery, we wanted to get more into originals, which we’ve started recently with an exponentially well-received response worldwide.

Our perfumes are made with natural oils that last longer, and each of these perfumes goes through a rigorous quality check by our team that includes CEO & founder, Mahsam Raza, who was trained in Dubai and is now back to the United States, doing what he does best. In addition, all our raw materials are procured through certified vendors and processed under the supervision of IFRA certified chemists before being imported into the US.

Aside from pioneering this business model, the Dua Parfums has also led the Hybrid, Tribrid, and Qudrid model. These models consist of us taking two or three existing fragrances and keynotes from each to create something new, which is still similar to the fragrances we are hybridizing but still adding a unique touch to each scent.

With its current business model, Dua has grown exponentially, giving us valuable industry expertise of 6+ years, and will continue to do so if we go forward with the same practices. However, we now want to mix things up and go out of the box, from spreading out to various other products to getting deeper into the cosmetics industry. This includes creative, and niche fragrances under their own brand names and spa-grade naturally made skin care products for men and women – a task we’re already working on with international grade labs.

Our aim is that whatever industry we get into, we want to make it better by doing better. We want to be more creative with our production and marketing and grow enough to build a legacy for the future in the long run.
Meet our team.

Mahsam Raza

Anam Raza

Tanveer Chinoy